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The banner on the home page is 100% accurate. Everything that is in my control, will be completed in 21 days or less. Within 3 weeks of working together, I will do everything possible to get an offer that satisfies you and your family’s needs. My average is 3 weeks from Listing to contract.

To reach me directly, you can call or text (347) 543 – 2791 My email address is [email protected]

No. Closing can take anywhere between several weeks and several months in New York due to things such as title searches, liens, violations, and mortgage commitments from lenders if it isn’t a cash deal.

Long after my work is done, I will update you with any news I have until we meet at the closing table. 

I work with Top Nest Real Estate located at 2303 Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

That all depends on several important factors. Location, condition, occupancy (tenants), rent roll, lot size, building size, zoning, and interest rates are some of the factors a home owner should consider before selling their property.


For a COMPLTELY FREE, market analysis, feel free to reach out to me.

My personal number is (347) 543-2791.

My email is address is [email protected]

I have preapproved buyers and cash buyers for all types of properties. If your property is located in the five boroughs, or Long Island, there is a very high probability I have a buyer for your property.

When I list a property, I receive many inquiries from many different buyers and investors. Since there can only be one buyer per property, that leaves me with the other prospective purchasers who are still looking for homes. I log them into my database, and reach out to them when I list a new property.

Much like everything in real estate, it is negotiable. I will work with you to come to an agreement on a percentage we both deem to be fair.

Every house is unique, certain houses require many more hours and advertising to sell due to market demand which effects incurred costs between myself and my team members.

I can, and I have. The majority of homeowners want privacy, and I will not place a sign on your property unless given explicit permission.

With that said, when selling one of your most valuable assets, everyone wants to put as much in their pocket as possible and the best way to do that is by maximizing exposure. 

Yes! I use the same programs as appraisers, and can adequately evaluate your home. PropertyShark and AttomData among other programs help me determine your home’s value. I have other programs I use as well, to assist in pricing a property correctly. I will never charge you anything unless I produce a buyer, and a contract is signed. It’s called a free market analysis for a reason 😉

I pride myself on honesty and transparency. Everything I do is genuine and out in the open. I have had the privilege of dealing with very difficult deals over my career. Many of these included non-paying tenants, violations, open permits and severe disrepair to name a few. Many agents advertise that they have been in the business for over “x” amount of years, and have yet to encounter the issues I have. Many agents work part time. Real estate is everything I do. It is a career I’m passionate about and my reputations means a lot more than a commission. The service you get when hiring me doesn’t stop the day you accept an offer. I’m extremely responsive, and return any calls/texts/e-mails as soon as possible. I never leave anyone hanging. I’ve handled divorce sales, probate sales, foreclosure sales, and short-sales. Many issues can arise during a real estate transaction, and I will be there to guide you to the best of my ability. Due to said deals, I’ve made connections with numerous mortgage brokers, bankers, and attorneys who practice all kinds of law. I work as part of a team, and do not block other agents or brokers from a different company. I encourage all agents from different companies to bring their buyers. Lastly, I do not procrastinate. If something needs to get done, it gets done quickly and efficiently.